The Best Gardening Monthly Subscription Boxes

A gift of plants in a white ceramic container Gardening Monthly Subscription Boxes

The Best Gardening Monthly Subscription Boxes

Are you looking to grow your plant collection or to encourage someone to start gardening? Then a gardening subscription box may be the perfect choice for you.

Gardening Monthly Subscription Boxes brings you a fabulous selection that will get those green-fingers itching to grow more plants, choose from having a new succulent each month, to houseplants and outdoor plants or seeds. There are many options to choose from, be it for a large outdoor space, a balcony or courtyard garden, or to brighten up rooms indoors. So let’s take a look at what is on offer, there are boxes for experienced gardeners and novices alike. The joy of receiving these boxes is tempered only by getting stuck in and growing your seeds and taking care of plants.

Below you will find my top picks for gardening subscriptions in the following categories.

  • Succulents
  • Houseplants and Herbs
  • Outdoor Plants and Seeds

When you find one that “Blooms” off the page, click the link to see more details and where you can purchase it for 1 or 12 months. Many of the subscriptions will let you cancel at any time should you wish to do so.

I earn commission if you shop through the links on this post.


Succulent Subscription Boxes

Starting a Succulent plants collection can seem daunting at first but rest assured they are easy to grow, propagate and care for. They can be planted together in the same container or plant them separately.

Pro Tip

As you receive your succulent each month, try them with other plants that will give you a contrast in height, colour and shape to afford you the most interest. When you achieve a look that you love plant them up.

Or plant individual plants in the same style pots for a modern, contemporary look.

Give them free draining compost and mist occasionally with water, place somewhere warm and sunny and they will be perfectly happy.

Succulent subscription boxes, group of three plants
Succulent Subscription Boxes

They all pretty much want the same conditions as each other so don’t worry too much about the type of plants.

Growing medium doesn’t need too much nutrient in it but succulents do require free draining compost so add some grit. This aids draining and stops roots from becoming waterlogged. Do not over water your succulent plants.

Place them in a bright, sunny, warm area. A conservatory or south facing window sill is a perfect spot.

Succulents are ideal for both outdoors and indoors, go ahead, add some to your houseplant collection or plant them outdoors for a fabulous year round display. Please note that in some regions they may need protection from cold and wet weather conditions.

These are my favourite succulent subscription boxes.

  • Succulents Box 
  • Succulent Studios


Succulents Box

This box is great for novice plant growers of all ages. A cool way to get your kids in to gardening.

There is also the option to choose an air-plant to be included in your box.

Succulents Box 

Each box includes:

  • 1/2/3 or 4 succulent plants depending on the monthly package you choose
  • Healthy plants
  • Growing and care instructions
  • Quality and satisfaction guarantee
Succulents Box
Succulents Box


Succulent Studios

Succulent Studios are a family owned nursery. You will receive two succulents in your gardening monthly subscription box. They are garden and/or pot ready sized plants and easy for the beginner gardener to care for. Happy plants indoors or out.

Succulent Studios

Each box includes:

  • Two succulent plants
  • Care and growing instructions
  • Satisfaction and quality guarantee
Box of succulents
Succulent Studios

Houseplants Subscription Boxes

If you enjoy plants indoors then I have some awesome houseplant subscription boxes for you too. Please note that the succulents mentioned above make interesting plant displays to add to your houseplant collection too.

Groups of plants make an eye catching display. Plants that require similar conditions can be planted in the same container. Plant say three or five that have contrasting, form, leaf shapes and heights to give aesthetically pleasing decor to your rooms.

Plants are fantastic when included in interior design. They add impact and can draw the eye to a particular aspect of a room. Or they can be the focus of your room.

Houseplant subscription boxes, a group of plants in containers on a window sill
Houseplant Subscription Boxes

For kitchens and bathrooms select plants that thrive on damp, steamy and warm conditions.

Or if you wish to grow plants in a conservatory or sunroom choose ones that require plenty of sunlight and heat.

Having plants indoors is known to be beneficial for us. Whether at home or in our workplace plants improve our productivity and make us feel better.

Here are my choices that I know you will love.


  • The Plant Club
  • Inbox of Herbs



The Plant Club

The Plant Club provides greenhouse grown, quality houseplants for everyone to enjoy. This box is houseplant heaven, succulents and/or seasonal choices are included.

Well packaged to ensure plants arrive in optimum condition.

The Plant Club

Each box includes

  • Quality, healthy plants
  • Unusual display containers and pots
  • Gift card
  • Care and growing instructions
Girl holding a plant
The Plant Club

Inbox of Herbs

I love this one, and so will you. Or gift it to the chef in your life. It’s a great one for all cooks and gardeners alike.

An ever growing collection of herbs to nurture and use in your kitchen. Perfect too in the conservatory. Or indeed grow them outdoors, also suitable to grow in a cool glasshouse.

Where ever you keep these herb plants they will add interest, colour and fragrance, not to mention flavour.

Garden Inspired Living

Each box includes:

  • Healthy seasonal herb plant
  • Bamboo planter
  • Root nutrients
  • Care and harvest instructions via email
  • Recipes via email
  • A special gift such as tea, olive oil, sea salt to mention a few.
Herb plants in a bamboo pot
Inbox of Herbs


Garden Plants and Seeds Subscription Box

Garden plants and seeds subscription boxes are a fabulous way of creating or adding to your plant collections. Small plants and seeds can be planted/germinated indoors to start and as they grow stronger and more able to withstand seasonal weather you can then transfer them into your garden where they will flourish and bloom to give you all year round interest.

They make great gifts for family and friends wishing to start a garden, or for anyone who is already a keen gardener. Kids love to garden too.

Inspire your family and friends with a plant and seed monthly subscription box.

Here are my top ones to try.

  • My Garden Box 
  • Blooming Bin
  • Seed Bank Box


My Garden Box

This lovely garden box is a great surprise each month. It is full of gardening inspiration, with plants, pots, growing soils, nutrients and care instructions.

Each box is a garden plant project and you or your gift receiver will really enjoy planting and growing. My Garden Box is truly a fun gardening package.

My garden Box

Each box includes:

  • Quality, healthy plants
  • Growing soil
  • Planter
  • Care and growing instructions
Selection of plants and seeds
My Garden Box

Blooming Bin

The all in one, perfect gardening subscription box.

Everything that you need to start a garden plant collection.

Boxes come with quality, heirloom seeds to grow in your garden. Soil amendments to ensure you give your seeds the best starting chance and gardening accessories.

Seeds are sustainably sourced. Blooming Bin makes the perfect give for you or your family.

Bloomin Bin

A seed subscription box for those that enjoy gardening or just starting out. The Blooming Bin provides seeds that are in season, just add soil, sun, & water.  Choose from Flowers, Fruit/Veg, or a selection of both. There are three levels of box to subscribe to. Just Seeds-seeds + instruction only. Basic Bins- include enough seeds, items, & knowledge to start. Premium Bins add projects and tools.
  • Seeds
  • Garden Tips
  • Garden Tools
  • Plants
  • Projects

Seed Bank Box

One of the many joys of gardening is to grow your own vegetables and other edibles.

It is a fast growing trend (excuse the pun)

More and more people are looking to grow their own. This is because we are more aware of how food is produced and grown and we want our food to be as organic and naturally grown as possible.

With Seed Bank Box you will receive eight to ten packets of organic seeds each month. This gardening monthly subscription box is perfect for you to start to grow your own. Whether you have a large garden, courtyard garden or even a balcony you can grow your own healthy, great tasting veg.

Seed Bank Box

Each box includes:

  • Eight to Ten packets of seeds with a mix of root vegetables, salad, greens, fruit plants, edible flowers, even medicinal plants
  • Unusual, organic, non-gmo seeds
  • Growing instructions
A selection of seed packets
Seed Bank Box


What are you waiting for?

With the holiday and gifting season fast approaching what better gift could you choose? There is something here for all the keen gardeners and would be gardeners in your life.

I am always keen to encourage anyone to start growing plants and gardening. The reason behind this, is that gardening is so very good for you and to see tiny seeds germinate and watch them grow into something beautiful and/or edible is one of life’s wonders.

Children and adults whatever age can benefit enormously, both physically and mentally from nature, plants and gardens because gardening is one of the best activities for your health and well-being, so start growing now and you too will soon feel the benefits.

I hope with my top choices of gardening monthly subscription boxes you will find something suitable for yourself or as gifts for your family.

Please share this article with friends and family and drop any questions or your views in the comments box below.

Happy Growing

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The Best Gardening Monthly Subscription Boxes brings you a fabulous selection that will get those green-fingers itching to grow more plants, choose from having a new succulent each month, to houseplants and outdoor plants or seeds.
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8 thoughts on “The Best Gardening Monthly Subscription Boxes”

  1. I’ve just found this website and I love it.
    What a brilliant idea these gift boxes are. I love the gardening and plants ones as I have wanted to start to collect succulents.
    I will take a look at these and choose one.
    Thank you

    1. Hello,
      Thankyou for your kind comments, it’s great to know that you enjoyed reading and that you are collecting succulents. There are some fantastic succulents boxes for you to choose from.

  2. I find succulents quite an interesting plant and I’m not really sure if they are easy to maintain or if they require lots of attention since I may not be able to give them that much attention as I may quickly forget of their existence and may only remember them after a couple of weeks or just about a month.  Which garden subscription box would you suggest for someone who may not give the plants that much of attention since I am away for days and I’m usually occupied when I’m at home.

    1. Hi Donny, 

      Thank you for your comments and interest. A succulent subscription box would be just perfect for you. Truly, they do not need much attention at all. The require very little water and a warm spot indoors or outdoors with plenty of sunlight. Go ahead and try out one of the subscription boxes, they are a great introduction to growing succulents.

      All the Best


  3. Hey Louise, the idea of subscription boxes sounds good to me – I’m a complete geek and would like to move away from tech a bit to embrace nature. But I have nooo idea where to start. I’m a little scared to start in fear of killing anything by accident. We stay by the beach and it is often very windy. Inside we only have a tiny spot of direct sunlight – I’ve heard that succulents do the best by the sea so maybe that would be the best place to start. Although I’ve always wanted to try growing herbs for cooking. What do you think? Any advice would be much appreciated. 🙂

    1. Hello Nadia,

      Thank you for popping by and for your comments. Succulents will grow pretty much anywhere with very little care or attention, they need a small amount of water, in fact let the soil dry out completely, then give them a good watering and leave them alone, dry, sandy, gravel beach conditions are perfect, succulents come dry, arid countries.

      You can’t beat fresh herbs fro cooking with, and the herb subscription box would be prefect for you. You can grow them in your kitchen, on a windowsill or in pots outdoors. I can recommend the inbox of herbs and any of the succulent gift boxes. 

      Happy Planting


  4. I think I got what I’ve been looking for! Being a godfather to a 6-year-old girl, I was so confused of what gift I’d give to her this coming Christmas. She’s no longer that little toddler who enjoy playing dolls as she’s now in school. I think these gardening subscription boxes will make the best gift to her and I’m sure her mother would be so happy having her daughter receive something unique, something she has not received before. I will bookmark this site and buy one, soon.

    1. Hello Gomer,

      Thank you for your kind comments.

      I agree, your God-daughter would love a plants subscription box. They are a fun way to start kids being interested in plants and nature. Her mum will love them too. You can also find other gift boxes for kids in my Back to School Subscription Boxes

      Best Wishes 

      Thank you


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