The Best Gift Boxes For Her

Gift boxes for her

The Best Gift Boxes For Her

Here I will take a look at The best gift boxes for her and showcase some of the most popular  monthly subscription boxes for the ladies in your life.

Whether you are looking for ideas for your mother, wife or lover, your sisters or for your friends you will find something here.

There are beautiful packages available that you can gift to anyone. I have included boxes from the following categories:

  •  Be Good To Yourself  
  •  Book Subscription Boxes  
  •  Gift Boxes For the New Mum
  •  Food and Drink Subscription Boxes For Her


Items such as lingerie, food and drinks, books, hobbies, chocolates, perfumes and even gardening monthly subscription boxes for the green fingered ladies to enjoy.

There are hobby and craft subscription boxes as well that will encourage anyone to start a new interest, such as sewing, art, quilting or baking, to name just a few.

I’m absolutely certain that you are going to find something to your liking, that will fit the bill for a fantastically unique gift.

What is to stop you treating yourself to a gift box too? There are plenty of options for all you ladies to choose from.

As it is coming up to the season of gift giving, now is the time to start searching for that special gift for a special lady.

When you find boxes here that you think will make the perfect gifts just click on the links to find out how to buy.

I earn commission when you shop through the links in this article.


Be Good To Yourself

Some of my favourites are the “Be good to yourself” gift boxes.

  • Smartass and Sass
  • MintMongoose Jewellery
  • Latest in Beauty

Smartass and Sass, has three monthly subscription options. You can have a Tshirt, a box or a T-shirt and box.

Products are specially selected to give you a smile and make you laugh, which, of course we all need.

Items from Smartass and Sass include mugs, notebooks, apparel and more.

Usually there are five to seven items per box.


MintMongoose  Jewellery  is a fabulous subscription for all the ladies that enjoy jewellery accessories. There are a number of subscription choices that start from as little as $9 per month. They ship all over the world too.

You can choose from silver, gold and rose gold. You can also select whether to include earrings. Other boxes from MintMongoose may include watches, scarves, nail polish and many more items are available.

This is great for adding to your collection of accessories for every occasion. Or for gifting.

These feel good boxes are essential to help women wind down after a busy day at work or following a day looking after the children or doing household chores. We all need a little “ Me time”. We don’t always remember to be good to ourselves so to receive a gift box each month would be a timely reminder. One that, if it was a gift for her, will be greatly received.


Latest in Beauty is a beauty products subscription box. Quality products from all over the world delivered each month. Build a profile so that you receive products catered for your preferences including bath and shower, hair products, cosmetics and skincare.  You can select to have 3, 6  or 9 products or choose a one off collection gift box.

Book Subscription Boxes

An open book and tea in a china cup and saucer
Gift Boxes For Her


  • Classic of the Month Club
  • The Willoughby Book Club


Do you know a book worm who loves nothing more than settling in for a good read? You are bound to find the perfect book subscription right here.

Classic of the month club includes luxury tea or coffee. Perfect for a relaxing few hours reading.

Favourite classics delivered to your door every month. You can choose to have them gift wrapped too.


The Willoughby Book Club is an award wining book subscription

Hand picked books suited to your genre of choice.

Each book is gift wrapped and you can opt for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.


Or choose from thrillers, SciFi, romance, there is a book subscription for every genre, many of which include snacks, chocolates or beverages. Choose from dozens, for all the family.


Gift Boxes for the New Mum

  • Cater to Mom
  • Mindful Chef


There are also gift boxes for expectant Mum’s.

What better way to have a treat and pamper the new Mums or Mums to be at a time when they might feel that they need something special just for them.


Cater to Mom, does exactly that, gift boxes include bath and beauty products, teas and healthy snacks.

All the products are vegan, organic and natural to build up health and wellness. I think this is a super gift.

Many of the new Mums gift boxes include bath time treats or books for relaxation.

There are health and wellness boxes which consist of items such as aromatherapy, healthy snacks and simply things to make her feel special. Encourage her to take some time out for herself with one of these super indulgent gifts.


The Mindful Chef

Take a look too at the Mindful Chef, the UK’s top recipe and menu box, I have included this one in the new mums section simply because mum and baby are so busy right now, mum has lots of new things to explore, learn and enjoy so a little help with meals will be most appreciated by her I think. Meal times, grocery shopping, preparing and cooking meals will possibly be a bit fraught for her, so treat her to a meal and recipe box from the Mindful Chef.




Food and Drink Subscription Boxes For Her

A selection of luxury chocolates
Food and drink subscription boxes


  • Marshmallow of the Month Club
  • Wildflower Chocolates 


Do you have a foodie girl in your life?

A lady who appreciates the finer things to be found in the world food markets?

Take a look at these unusual foodie treats and drinks gifts.

Wow her with anyone of these food and drink subscription boxes.

She will love them and if you’re very good she may even share some with you.


For the sweet tooth, Marshmallow of the Month Club is a certain winner.

Receive ten marshmallows, a different themed flavour each month. Along with teas or coffee to compliment them.

The marshmallows are made with natural ingredients and flavouring.

There are different priced plans that start at $15 per month.


If she likes chocolates she will love Wildflower Confecions

A selection of artisan, handmade chocolates using natural ingredients and unique flavours.

Gift something different this holiday season with a subscription box for her.


Included in the food and drinks boxes are spices, menus and recipes, meals, cookies, health snacks, wines from around the world, beverages such as teas and coffees.

Many of these are not found in our usual super markets or food markets so subscribing to these monthly boxes is a great way to try something different.

There are a good deal of unusual food and drink subscription boxes, take a look and find ones to suit you and your friends and family.


Gift Shopping Made Easy

So I have included some favourites here that you can be assured your lady will enjoy too. Take the stress and time out of shopping for loved ones. Make the choices easier by subscribing to one or more of these gift boxes for her.

Reduce the amount of last minute gift searching and subscribe now to a gift box for her.

They are gifts that will keep on coming each month. Your friends and family will really appreciate them for their thoughtfulness and surprise value and will look forward to each month to receive the next one.

Job done, you too can relax knowing that you have chosen something that they will love.



Please share this with friends and family and post any questions reviews in the comments box. I am always happy to hear from you. Also you can subscribe to the GiftBoxesForYou monthly newsletter to receive offers, ideas and the latest boxes available, delivered straight to your inbox.

Thank you


The Best Gift Boxes For Her
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The Best Gift Boxes For Her
Whether you are looking for ideas for your mother, wife or lover, your sisters or for your friends you will find something here. There are beautiful packages available that you can gift to anyone. I have included boxes from the following categories:  Be Good To Yourself    Book Subscription Boxes    Gift Boxes For the New Mum  Food and Drink Subscription Boxes For Her
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