Hobby and Craft Subscription Boxes

Hobby and craft subscription boxes



Hobby and Crafts Subscription Boxes

One of the great things about subscription boxes is that there are so many new ideas, activities, hobbies and crafts that you can try out. Also, with some boxes you are able to pick and choose some of the items that you get.

I’ve been looking at some fantastic monthly hobby subscription boxes for you that will give you no end of pleasure, at the same time as providing you with a lovely new interest.

Or you can find ones to help you with and compliment existing interests.

Hobby subscription boxes include Essentially Simple Box which is all about essential oils. Each monthly box includes essential oils, recipes, instructions and inspiration to make your own, home, wellness and body care products.

Other hobbies include Quilting, Reiki, knitting, aromatherapy and sewing, for example the Taylarmade Tailoring box. This comes complete with everything you need to make each item. Ready cut fabric, video instructions and loads of inspiration. You just need a sewing machine to get going.

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Book Subscription Boxes

Reading and books will always have a place in many peoples hearts, so check out this huge array of book subscriptions, there really is something to suit all reading tastes. Also, there is a fabulous selection of children’s book subscriptions for any age. Check out these Book Subscription Boxes for children and adults.


Gardening Subscription Boxes

The ones I am especially excited about are the gardening boxes.

They are such a brilliant idea I think for anyone who already loves gardening and for a complete novice gardener. They come full of inspiration, tips, ideas, plants and seeds. There are even gardening gift boxes to entice children out into the garden to learn about plants and nature.

Are you a fan of succulents? Then try Succulents Monthly, the box of quality succulent plants, containers, gift quality packaging and care instructions makes a lovely gift for anyone with a love of these diverse, interesting plants

Or for grow your own gurus try vegetables seeds from Seed Bank a monthly delivery of unusual veg seeds that can be grown that month, package includes care and planting instructions.

Click here for more gardening monthly subscription boxes.


Paper Crafts

Craft Stash have hundreds of products for all you paper crafters out there. everything form festive essential, for designing and making your own greetings cards and gift labels, dye cutting, essential tools and machines to foils, lettering and journals. Magazines for many paper craft hobbies are available from this site too.

Find everything and more here at Craft Stash for inspiration, gorgeous ideas  and the necessary supplies to make and design all your paper crafts.

Children’s Activities Subscription Boxes

I love the monthly subscription boxes that are available for kids, from toddler to teenagers there are some brilliant ideas to choose from such as books, play activities, colouring and school projects. Keep your little ones fully occupied for hours with some of the craft and create subscription boxes.


I hope I have encouraged you to take a look at the many and varied monthly subscription boxes on offer. I’m sure you will find one or two that you will love within the hobbies and activities range. They all make perfect gift boxes for you or for your loved ones and friends. They are the ideal gifts for birthdays, engagements, anniversaries and seasonal holidays.

Check out my latest blogs too on children’s subscription boxes and food/drinks subscription boxes.

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Hobby and Craft Subscription Boxes
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Hobby and Craft Subscription Boxes
One of the great things about subscription boxes is that there are so many new ideas, activities, hobbies and crafts that you can try out. Also, with some boxes you are able to pick and choose some of the items that you get.
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2 thoughts on “Hobby and Craft Subscription Boxes”

  1. What a fun idea these subscription boxes are. I think they make a lovely gift for anyone.
    They seem like a good way to start a new hobby or to add interest to existing hobbies.
    I have 3 sons, are there any hobby boxes for boys? Or gift boxes that are more make orientated?

    1. Thanks,
      I’m happy to know that you are interested in subscription boxes.
      Yes there are hundreds to choose from for men. I will be doing a blog soon on Gift Boxes for him.


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