The Best Children’s Monthly Book Subscriptions

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The Best Children’s Monthly Book Subscriptions

Kids love books and activities, I am a strong advocate for encouraging more children to love books and to enjoy reading and learning.

Books are the portal to knowledge and creativity, there is so much fun and knowledge to be had from them.

A great way to give your children the best benefits of books is to choose one or more of the best children’s monthly book subscriptions. With books available in ages from 0 to teenagers there is certainly something for all of your children no matter their age.

Nurture your child’s love of learning, reading and exploring with a monthly book subscription for kids.

Whether you are looking for books to entertain or teach or for books with activities such as colouring or counting there is something here to interest you and your kids.

Buying a monthly book subscription means that you can be reassured that these quality books will be delivered to your door and as parenting is a very busy occupation this will at least save you a lot of shopping time.

Books make ideal gifts too for birthdays, festivals and seasonal celebrations.


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I have included some of the most popular, fun and engaging book subscriptions for all ages. When you find one that you like click through the link to buy.

You can cancel your subscriptions at any time should you need to do so.

I earn commission when you shop through the links in this article.


I have included children’s book subscriptions in the following categories:

  • Book Subscriptions for Pre School
  • Book Subscriptions for School Age up to 14 years


Book Subscriptions for Pre School

A child’s first book or picture boards is their first foray into learning with words and pictures, let your child have the best start with early learning creative activities and picture books. Teaching a child to appreciate books is a great way to bond with them and increases your parental knowledge too. Both parent and child are encouraged and inspired by the rate of learning at this young age.

  • The Pre School Box
  • Our Little Book Club
  • Kid Curated books


The Pre School Box

PreSchool activities selection
Pre School Box
Best Children’s Monthly Book Subscriptions

The Pre School Box aims to teach young kids numbers, letters, shapes and colours in order to help prepare them for school. The box includes learning activities, crafts, games and a book each month.

All the items are good quality, your youngsters will love learning and playing with them.

To engage your children and help them to gain knowledge and confidence with the basics click here to Buy The Pre School Box


Our Little Book Club

Book selection for 0 to 2 year olds
Our Little Book Club

Our Little Book Club subscription has different age groups from 0 through to twelve.

So you can select the suitable one for your own children.

Preschool age books are available up to five year olds.

This monthly book subscription includes tw0 hard back books and an activity book.

The activities include colouring for the little one and more age appropriate art activities for older children.

SHOP NOW for Our Little Book Club, a great book subscription that will grow with your kids.


Kid Curated Books

Kid Curated book selection
Kid Curated Books

Kid Curated Books provides books from age 0 to early teens based on their interests so you can choose the correct ones suitable for your children.

From board and picture books to chapter books and activities you can be secure in the knowledge that as your child’s interest expand and grow this book club grows with them.

Encourage your child’s reading and knowledge base by subscribing now to Kid Curated Books.


Books Subscriptions for School Age

Computers, devices and screen time is all well and good, here are some fantastic products out there for children but to my mind you can’t beat some relaxing down time with a book. Instill the love of books in your child and they will gain no end of pleasure, knowledge and a desire to learn more.

  • Reading Bug Box
  • My First Reading Club
  • Noodle Series



Reading Bug Box

Reading Bug box of books
Reading Bug Box
Book subscriptions for school age

Reading Bug Box is suited to your children’s age from 0 years to 13 year olds.

Tailored for their interests and reading capabilities.

Handpicked by experts to encourage avid readers and non readers alike to delve into books.

You get three to four books each month delivered directly to your door.

There is also an option for two children at the same address.

Take a look here at the Reading Bug Box, one of the best children’s book subscriptions.


My First Reading Club

My First Reading Club Box
My First Reading Club

My First Reading Club has five different age groups to develop your child’s reading ability from age 0 through to age 12.

Whether you wish to encourage a child to read more or you need inspiration and further reading for your little book worm, this great selection could be the answer you’re looking for.

In addition to books there is an activity included each month along with a gift for Mum.

Shop here to buy My First Reading Club


Noodle Series

Noodle series book selection
Noodle Series

Noodle Series is an award-winning book subscription club. It offers a creative and fun way for kids to learn about some of the people in history. The books are suited for age8 to 12 and includes inspirational stories and practical activities.

Also, included are notebooks and pencils.

Help to inspire your child to read, check out the Noodle Series subscription box.



I have included some of the most creative, interesting and inspirational Monthly book subscriptions for kids to help you guide and encourage them to explore the knowledge that is available.

Fire their imagination and desire to learn.

For further great children’s book subscriptions check out this link.

For more ideas for children’s subscription boxes take a look at an earlier article…Back to School Subscription Boxes

Please share this great gift idea with friends and family and social media.

Pop any questions or your views in the comments box below and I will reply as soon as I can.

Thank you for reading.

The Best Children’s Monthly Book Subscriptions
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The Best Children’s Monthly Book Subscriptions
Books are the portal to knowledge and creativity, there is so much fun and inspiration to be had from them. Nurture your child’s love of books.
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4 thoughts on “The Best Children’s Monthly Book Subscriptions”

  1. I am thrilled that I ran across this post. I love to read, and I am always looking for ways to get the kids in my family to read more.
    I think a book subscription would be an excellent gift for Christmas.

    I like that there are options for preschool-aged kids because their interest is different than those of a middle school or high school-aged child.

    1. Hi TK 

      Thank you for your interest, I love to hear that you encourage kids to read. Subscription boxes are a great idea for all the family, but kids especially will enjoy opening theirs each month.


  2. Just like you, I am also a great advocate for books reading starting from very early ages. I believe it would open their minds and let their imaginations and dreams soar high without much to fear!

    Moreover, I was actually looking for a gift set I could get my sweet little nephew that started schooling and turned 1 two months ago, and all these subscription collections seem like great choices.

    I would like to start out with Kid Curated Books and see how he interacts with the books. 

    Thereafter, I would love to subscribe him to the Noodles Series, which caught my attention the most, that is because before reading the description, I initially thought it is a book that would teach kids how to be a “Master Chef of Noodles” lols.     

    I hope he develops a good reading and learning habit with them!

    Thanks for sharing this list with us.

    1. Hello Tohin,

      Thank you so much for your interest in these children’s subscription boxes. I really hope your nephew enjoys them and grows to love reading books. What a lucky boy he is to have a fabulous auntie who wants to open his heart to books and the joy they bring.

      Best Wishes


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