The Best Luxury Spirits and Cocktails Subscription Gifts

Selection of drinks mixers and cocktails


The Best Luxury Spirits and Cocktails Subscription Gifts

Whether your preferred poison is an aged, superior whisky or a Gin and It,  or you like to mix a delicious concoction of your best-loved tipples and mixers, you will find something here to tempt your taste buds with the best luxury spirits and cocktails subscription gifts selection.

Are you looking for new and inspirational recipes to pep up your drinks and cocktails? Choose a  monthly box or boxes and receive fantastic creative recipes, tips and ingredients. With the festive holiday season fast approaching what better way to celebrate than sharing your new-found bar keeping skills with friends and family?

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Below you will find my top picks for drinks subscriptions in the following categories:

  • Cocktail Subscription Boxes
  • Alcohol Subscription Boxes
  • Non-alcoholic Subscription Boxes


When you find one that tickles your fancy click the link to see more details on how to buy.

You can select a rolling monthly subscription or choose 3, 6 or 12 months.

Rest assured that subscription boxes can be canceled at any time should you need to do so.


Cocktail Subscription Boxes

Gifting yourself, your friends, or family with a drinks subscription box is a unique and unusual way to enjoy all your choice liquor or indeed a great way to try something new.

Experimenting is the name of the game for all budding mixologists. The art of mixing and crafting cocktails couldn’t be easier than with a monthly cocktails subscription box.

Why not arrange a fun evening with friends tasting some of the best drinks and cocktails and find your new festive favourites?

Happy hour is just about to land on your doorstep.

With recipes, drinks and mixers delivered to you monthly you can really get in the spirit of things. Party planning couldn’t be easier or more fun than with these gorgeous goodies.

Take a look at my Top choices to find your best cocktails box:

  • American Cocktail Club
  • SaloonBox DIY Cocktail kit
  • Shaker and Spoon


American Cocktail Club

American Cocktail Club
American Cocktail Club

The American Cocktail Club is a top quality cocktail subscription box.

Ingredients are low in sugar and are natural juices. You can choose either Everything but the Booze which includes all ingredients for 4 drinks except the alcohol or the Everything box which does include alcohol.

Each month you will receive all the required ingredients to make 4 servings.

Each Box Includes:

All natural mixers, number of items will depend on the recipe

All ingredients to make 4 servings with or without alcohol depending on which box you choose.

Pro Tip: If you want a cool new signature drink this season, click this link and have a new cocktail recipe and drink mix kit delivered to your door each month to keep your recipe repertoire fresh and funky.


SaloonBox DIY Cocktail Kit

Glasses of cocktails
Saloon Box DIY Cocktail Kit


Get ready to create your own unique cocktails with this fabulous kit from SaloonBox.

Learn how to make inspired drinks with these recipes and instructions or gift it to a friend to ensure you get great cocktails whenever you visit them.

Each Box Includes:

Quality Mixers and accompaniments for 4 servings




Shaker and Spoon

Shaker and Spoon cocktails
Shaker and Spoon

Every month Shaker and Spoon will send you recipes for 3 new drinks based on that month liquor, with ingredients to make 4 servings of each.

Learn how to create these fantastic cocktails from Top Bartenders.

Host an envious cocktail club party to wow your friends or sit back and relax with a drink and a movie.

Subscribe today to this awesome drinks kit and become the best mixologist.

Each Box Includes:


Mixers, Spirits and ingredients for 3 new cocktails

Sufficient ingredients to make 4 servings of each

Inspiration and instructions


Alcohol Subscription Boxes

From Shots, Whisky and Gin to Vodka and Tequila, you can find various gift boxes for any discerning drinks aficionados

Take a look through my top picks to find the best monthly drinks subscriptions:


  • Whisky Flavours
  • Infused Cocktail Box
  • Little Gin Box


Whisky Flavours

Whisky Flavours
Whisky Flavours

The Whisky Flavours Box is exactly that, a whisky tasting box. A delicious selection of premium, branded whiskies delivered each month to you.

Four whisky tasters arrive nicely packaged, so nice in fact that you could gift each month to friends or family. Or, of course keep them for a treat to yourself.

Perfect for whisky lovers to sample different blends and malts in an easy, affordable way.

In the autumn and winter months nothing can be more warming and soothing than a wee dram of whisky full of deliciously dark flavours

Pro Tip

Consider your palate. Sweetness will generally arrive first, with the hint of spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves or vanilla coming through next, then wham!…Dry oak/sherry at the end followed by a warm kick back.

The world of warm whisky kicks is just one click away.

Excitement, anticipation, delicious, taste buds bouncing pleasure can be yours when you shop here.

Each Box Includes:

4 Original Branded Miniatures

Tasting notes


Infused Cocktail Box

Selection of packets of infusions for making cocktails. The best luxury Spirits and Cocktails Subscription Boxes
Infused Cocktail Box
Are you fed of complicated recipes and a cupboard full of ingredients you hardly use? a 1pt’s Infused Cocktail Box delivers 2 specially selected natural, gourmet infusion blends. Enough to make 24 cocktails, along with 6 simple 3-part cocktail recipes that you can easily make at home with what you already have in your kitchen.

There are fifteen different all-natural infusion blends that you can choose from to add small batch flavour to any spirit within 2-6 hours. All the blends are made from finest herbs, spices, florals, botanicals, and teas – sugar free. 1pt infusions are fast working, so you can infuse at lunch and have cocktails ready for dinner, simple 3- to 4-part cocktail recipes.

Each box includes:

2 infusion blends and makes 24 cocktails (12 cocktails per blend)


Little Gin Box

Little Gin Box
Little Gin Box

The Little Gin Box is the ideal subscription gift for Gin lovers. Receive 2x 50ml gins each month from some of the UK’s top artisan gin distilleries.

No two months are alike, the Little Gin Box aims to deliver different gins every month.

Each Box Includes:

2 new gins

£10 gift voucher


Tasting notes


Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Subscription Boxes

This mixers only selection of gift boxes can be used to increase your store cupboard essentials, ready for whenever you want to mix up a storm. You can add your preferred spirits or try new recipes or keep it non-alcoholic.

Not everyone wants to drink alcohol and for the Teetotaler or for the designated driver there are some great choices here.

You can have as much creative fun and flavour with any of my carefully chosen non-alcoholic drinks gift boxes.

  • El Guapo Bitters
  • Simple Times Mixers
  • American Cocktail Club (non-alcoholic version)


El Guapo Bitters

El Guapo Bitters subscription box
El Guapo Bitters

El Guapo Bitters delivers a monthly package of a different Bitters that can be used in many recipes including soft drinks. With no added sugar and all natural products, this is a healthy option mixer. Add to your mocktail repertoire with this handy collection of vegetarian ingredients and learn how to make interesting and tasty drinks .

A perfect gift for any budding bar enthusiast.

Each Box Includes:

Bitter of the month


Surprise gift


Simple Times Mixers

Simple Times Drinks Mixers
Simple Times Mixers

With a Simple Times Mixers subscription you will receive each month carefully selected seasonal products to add to your collection of mixers. This box comes with recipes and tips to create your favourite drinks both with spirits or without.

Lunchtime or evening no-booze cocktails will never be the same again.

Pro Tip

Why not treat yourself to a Simple Times Mixers gift box that you can use to pep up soft drinks and create mocktails for yourself or your friends to enjoy.

Each Box Includes:

Seasonal ingredients



Seasonal 32oz mixer

16oz infused mixer


American Cocktail Club

American Cocktail Club non alcoholic
American Cocktail Club Non Alcoholic

Select the non-alcoholic version from the American Cocktail Club and receive a monthly package of natural products and juices. All ingredients are low in sugar.

Each Box Includes:

Natural ingredients

Natural juices

Mixers for 4 servings




I hope that I have tickled your taste buds with thoughts and ideas to get your festive parties popping or for a quiet night in shared with a loved one. And remember any of the gift boxes that I have mentioned in this article make great gifts for her and gifts for him, indeed, your gift list is all wrapped up.

Whatever you have in mind you can find your spirits and cocktails subscription boxes here.

Please share this article with friends and family and on social media.

Any questions or views can be added to the comments box, I love to hear from you and I always reply.

Thank You



The best luxury spirits and cocktails subscription gifts
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The best luxury spirits and cocktails subscription gifts
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6 thoughts on “The Best Luxury Spirits and Cocktails Subscription Gifts”

  1. So good bye to the old way of going to the store whenever I want a cocktail. I didn’t know and never thought that there was such an option of making your own cocktail using ingredients delivered to you and i’m eager to try this out since it is not so expensive. However will it taste just as good as a cocktail I would buy from a store and is it that easy to make your own using these ingredients? Will definitely try one of these non alcohol subscriptions since I don’t drink strong stuff.

    1. Hello again Donny,

      Great to see you back here and thank you for your comments. Making your own cocktails is so much fun and easy with a cocktails subscription gift box because you are sent everything that you need and recipes and tips too on how to make your cocktails. You will soon become a talented mixologist. As you can see there are several non-alcoholic options that you can add to your soft drinks and/or juices.


      All the Best


  2. You have tickled my taste buds truly. I have great love for cocktails since I was in college and over time I have tried quite a lot of cocktail of the which Shaker and spoon has been one. I still get to feel the taste in my mouth after a long time. It’s recipes are pretty easy to combine and that’s one reason I still can’t get over it aside the taste. However I love the recipe of the whisky cocktail and would love to share with some friends one of these weekends. Its cool seeing something you can relate to online. I’ll share with my friends.

    1. Hey Benson,

      Thank you for your comments, it’s always good to hear from my visitors, I bet you all used to shake up quite a mix of cocktails in your college days. Go ahead and create some more with these great gif boxes.

      All the Best


  3. OMG, I am so glad I found this site! I was looking for Christmas gifts, and I found the perfect one! My sister is pregnant, so she can not drink alcohol. But we still want to include her. El Guapo Bitters is perfect! With no added sugar and all-natural products, non-GMO, and locally sourced cocktail bitters, perfect! I didn’t even know this existed! Thank you for sharing. 

    I also love that there are vegetarian ingredients because I am a vegetarian and I don’t drink a lot of alcohol, I think I will order one for me too. I also like American Cocktail Club because they use natural products and juices and are low in sugar. I will order one of each, and we will have a cocktail night every month. Thank you for the great idea!

    Have a beautiful day; you sure made mine. 🙂

    1. Hello Katja,

      You have made my day too by popping by and sending me such nice comments. I hope that you enjoy the gift boxes, which ever ones you choose. You may also be interested in my Gifts boxes For Her blog as there are some suggestions there for mums and mums to be.

      Good to see you

      Thank you


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