The Best Murder Mystery Board Games

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The Best Murder Mystery Board Games

Are you looking for ways to keep yourselves and all the family occupied, stimulated and motivated?

Some of the old forms of family entertainment are now coming back into fashion as we find ourselves at home and needing new things to do, new games to challenge the little grey cells.

A wide variety of games to play at home, for all the family to enjoy are the way to go to create fun and family bonding time.

Board games used to be a family staple…think Monopoly, Scrabble and Cluedo.

Right now there are some great new mystery and puzzle board games for you to discover and enjoy.

With a murder mystery games night you can test your armchair sleuthing skills to solve the latest heinous murder.

Don your detective hats and find the culprit, without having to go out to buy the games because a new puzzling crime is delivered to you each month.

Here I have listed some of the best murder mystery board games  for you to get your teeth into.

When you find ones that you would like to try simply click on the images or links and follow the clues on how to buy.

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Unbox a murder mystery, solve the crime, case closed.


I may earn commission when you shop through the links in this article.


Senior Sleuths

Senior Sleuths murder mystery game, Best murder mystery board games
Senior Sleuths
The Best Murder Mystery Board Games

Senior Sleuths is mystery-solving game subscription box.

You receive a new case to solve every three months with a box delivered each month with nostalgic novellas, photos, puzzles, maps and clues.

The games are ideal for puzzle enthusiasts and fans of crime solving. The mystery game series provides investigative adventure through story related items and activities.



Murder mystery board game. The best murder mystery board games for all the family
Board Games for all the Family


With Dispatch you’ll find physical clues that lead you onto the web and back to the real world to unravel the clues of a mysterious crime.

Additional details of the mystery are revealed with each package. You can choose from four great games.

The game subscription boxes lead you into an online/offline mystery. After that, you will receive an additional box each month with further items to help you solve the puzzle. Clues lead you to search on the web for answers and test your detection skills.

As soon as you open your murder mystery subscription box you find yourself immersed in the perfect crime.


Deadbolt Mystery Society

Crime mystery board game
Deadbolt Mystery Society
The Best Murder Mystery Board Games

Deadbolt Mystery Society Monthly Box is for lovers of mystery/suspense & for those who enjoy solving puzzles.

Each month subscribers receive a new stand-alone case, everything that is needed to close the case is included.

These monthly games subscription boxes are designed for sleuths & puzzle enthusiasts!

Intriguing characters and compelling scenarios bring these mystery boxes to life.  Internet access is required via your smartphone or tablet.





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Subscribe to Cosy Killers and solve crimes from your armchair


Cosy Killers

Pin board with murder clues, Best Murder Mystery Board Games
Cosy Killer Best Murder Mystery Subscription Boxes

Can you crack a cold case? Now you can have a go at doing just that with a Cosy Killers subscription box.

Each case story lasts a year, what better motivation is there to organise a family night in each month. The box is delivered directly to your door and packed full of intrigue, clues, vintage memorabilia and keepsakes.

You will find a selection of puzzles, ciphers, suspects, back stories and false leads.

The cases are complex and challenging.

You can work solo or in a family team, you can also join a private Facebook group for chats and tips.


Puzzles and Conundrums Family Board Games

There are many board games to choose from for you to enjoy on family games night at home. Take a look at the following.


Madmen and Heroes

Madmen and Heroes board Game
Madmen and Heroes
Best Puzzles and Conundrum Family Board Games

If you love to untangle puzzles, ciphers and mystifying enigmas to reveal the story within then Madmen and Heroes is another monthly subscription box for you.

These standalone mystery challenges are rooted in history – you can choose stories from folklore or real life resistance movements throughout history.

So, step into our parlor and relax,  we have a story to tell and puzzles to solve.

As you solve unique and compelling puzzles a story unfolds, each month’s box is a standalone game for family groups to play and enjoy.


Grey Matter Sodality

Grey Matter Sodality Puzzle Game
Grey Matter Sodality, Best Puzzle Board Games

When Albert Einstein died, his brain was dissected and stolen. Test your Gray Matter to help find and reassemble the stolen brain fragments.

This unique subscription box delivers a multi-layered puzzle each month that contributes to the story of the Gray Matter Sodality and its unusual mission.

In your box you will receive a small piece of mail each month consisting of a puzzle that contributes to the fascinating story of GMS. The puzzle is self-contained and has all you need to complete it, unraveling a thrilling story by way of unusual and challenging puzzles.


Escape the Crate

Escape the crate puzzle board game
Escape the Crate
Best Puzzles and Conundrum Family Board Games

Now you can bring all of the fun of a mystery games night into your own home. Escape the Crate delivers you different time-traveling adventure delivered every OTHER month.

Work with your family to solve challenging riddles and puzzles.

Subscribe today for an 1-hour-long game for your family game nights

Each Box includes: ciphers, letters, sleuthing tools, puzzles, and more.

You can partly play online by entering codes to find out if you have discovered the correct answers.




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By the way they make great gifts too, so why not send one to a friend for their family to play too, add a bit of competition to the mix, see who solves the mystery first.

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The Best Murder Mystery Board Games
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The Best Murder Mystery Board Games
A murder mystery games night tests your armchair sleuthing skills to solve the latest heinous murder. New puzzling murder crimes subscription boxes delivered to you each month.
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8 thoughts on “The Best Murder Mystery Board Games”

  1. A mystery board game? It’s the first time I am hearing anything like that at all. I think it is a very nice idea for this lockdown to clear the boredom and to bring the family together as well.  I like the idea of dispatch and the one about fighting crime as well. I would like to order for them. Is there a possibility that they will get delivered if I place an order?

    1. Hello Riley, thank You for your comments, Murder Mystery Games are indeed a great way to spend a few hours with the family. Each subscription box has different dispatch dates depending on which date you order , some have specific dispatch dates, ie the 1st of each month. As far as I am aware all the ones I have mentioned in the blog are still delivering.

      Best Wishes


  2. Yes this is really great. Though I do not know so much about other board games but I have Dispatch at home and surely, that had been helping with killing the boredom and getting everyone active at home. We actually have an unfinished case trying to solve till we quickly gave a short recess before resuming back to it. This is great here and thanks for sharing. I would also recommend Dispatch to anyone

    1. Ella, this is great, I love to hear that you have one of the murder mystery board games from my list. I hope you all manage to solve the crime from Dispatch and thank you for popping by to recommend it.

      Happy crime busting!


  3. We are currently in isolation as a family and whilst we have been very active exercising, working from home, watching Netflix, playing Board games, honestly we need something new! Your selection of Murder Mystery selections is terrific. You are clearly a real expert on the different types of murder mystery board games.  I particularly like the sound of  Prison Break.  I also really liked the information in one of your links about maintaining new year`s resolutions.  Now that is something that I would find useful. Thank you for these suggestions that are highly timely.

    1. Hello Trevor,

      Thank you so much for reading my article, I am pleased to know that you and your family are managing to stay busy. We all need to keep finding different things to do and enjoy. Glad to help.

      The New Years resolution post also has great  crafts  and ideas.

      Stay well


  4. Thanks for posting this amazing review on the best Murder Mystery Board Games. With people now restricted to their homes, playing these type of Games create lots of fun within the family. Playing games with my family during weekends is a regular routine and we have so much fun with the Dispatch Game because the stories are very engaging and exciting.

    1. Hello 

      Thank you very much for your comments. It is important to have family time as much as possible, it helps you bond together and to learn from each other. Board games are a great way of doing just that, and they help to motivate and stimulate the brain too, keeping everyone mentally active.

      Thank you


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