The Best Stay at Home Self Care Subscription Boxes

Self care and wellbeing, pink roses and scented candles

The Best Stay at Home Self Care Subscription Boxes

Are you taking care of You?

Irrespective of whether you care for your family, friends or vulnerable people in your life, the key person to care for is Yourself.

Your health and well-being matters. In order for you to be strong for others, make time for Yourself with these best stay at home self care subscription boxes.

They are carefully chosen to give you the self care and relaxation that you need. Send yourself a whole lot of love.


Pro Tip

I have selected some of the most popular and quality wellness subscription boxes just for you.

Go ahead, it’s OK to make You a priority, indulge yourself with a feel good monthly subscription box that will be delivered to your door.

No thinking or worrying required, nor going out shopping…just click and buy.

Leaves you plenty of time to simply enjoy some very special wellness luxuries.

Included in this article are self-indulgent gift boxes in the following categories.

  • Aromatic Aromatherapy
  • Perfect Perfumes
  • Gourmet Goodies
  • Beautiful Beauty
  • Fresh Flowers

When you see the ones that will help you care for You click on the links or images to learn how to buy. Ordering is simple and quick.

You can cancel monthly subscription boxes at any time should you need to do so.

I may earn commission when you shop through the links in this article.


Aromatherapy Subscription Boxes

Tasu Wellness

Self care and wellness essential oils
Aromatherapy Subscription Boxes

Tasu Wellness is a self care gift box delivered to your door .

Products include skincare, aromatherapy, tea, healthy snacks, books, Essential oils and accessories. All products are cruelty-free, natural and vegan

You will receive 6-8 natural Organic wellness items in each box.






Aroma Reveal

Aroma Reveal aromatherapy box
The Best Self Care subscription boxes


Nourish your body, mind and soul with Aroma Reveal hand-selected products that invoke peace and relaxation.

The box contents may vary each month, all the better for a surprise. They may include: essential oils, bath salts, soft Shea butter soaps, pampering body butter, face and foot masks, aromatherapy and cosmetics, in fact 7-10 lovely monthly treats! Plus a bonus surprise item.





Paragon Aromatics

Paragon Aromatics aromatherapy gift box
Stay at home self care subscription boxes


Paragon Aromatics brings awareness of the importance of self-care. The paragon box helps you to create an experience that supports your well-being with herbal teas and essential oils, Chakara and shower melts.


Perfume Subscription Boxes


Scent by Mickey

Perfume Subscription Gift Boxes
Perfume Subscription Boxes

A monthly perfume subscription box from Scent by Mickey features magical fragrances. In your box you can expect to find scented candles, two fragrance products along with surprise artisan gift.

If you love floral and garden fragrances then this one is for you.






Wicked Good Perfume

Perfume gift box
The best Self care subscription boxes


A wickedly perfect perfumery gift for you.

Wicked Good Perfume helps you to celebrate everything that is good about you, your spirit, your natural exuberance and your love of fantastic fragrances.

Discover your inner fragrance connoisseur.

Perfume and 2-3 other scented items are delivered direct to your door each month.

Limited edition scents, custom perfume blends, handcrafted from natural, Botanical essential oils are just one click away.

Free from parabens, petroleum and phthalates.


Gourmet Subscription Boxes

Of course not all self care need involves, perfumes, bath/spa treatments or essential oils. Self Care is about doing what You love to do, if only for a short while, to take you away from the normal daily humdrum. This may mean reading a book or magazine, or creating something delicious to eat in peace and quiet in your kitchen, so with these self care ideas in mind I have included some gourmet goodies to help you relax and take time out. From chocolates to truffles there is something here to delight your taste buds.

Select one or more and treat yourself to a delicious bounty of goodies.


Coffee Hot Chocolate

Cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows
Gourmet subscription boxes


Do you want half an hours down time with an amazing cup of coffee? Yes! I hear you cry… then coffee hot chocolate is your cup of tea.

Subscribe to this box and you will receive a delivery of two premium coffees straight to your door.

Limited quantity products are made by local artisans, each box includes two bags of different craft coffees. Or you can choose the hot chocolate box and receive premium hot chocolate and marshmallows, guaranteed to give you that inner mellow, relaxed feeling.

Upgrade your box and you can enjoy handmade, farmhouse pottery mugs to drink your coffee and chocolate from.





A selection of European chocolate
Chocolate subscription boxes

Take yourself off to a new European country each month with a Delicious monthly subscription gift box of the finest European chocolates without leaving your armchair.

Every month Chocope will send you a scrumptious array of 12-15 full-sized premium European chocolates arrives on your doorstep.

You will receive a country guide enabling you to learn about the featured country and the chocolates. Great idea for geography homeschooling lessons too.





Chocolates and Books

Chocolates and books
Chocolates and Books
Self care

Chocolate and book has to be the ultimate monthly chocolate gift box.

Not only do you receive yummy chocolates each month but also a new book from your chosen genre and a hot drink to go with it.

Because…Why not? Take an hour for yourself for some much-needed relaxation and recoup your energies with chocolates, books and hot drinks.






Truffle Hunter


Pure indulgence, gourmet truffle oils, cheeses, crisps, fresh truffles and gift boxes delivered to you. Plus some lovely recipes on their website to entice you and encourage you to try these fantasic little luxuries. Add wow factor to your meals and snacks with Truffle Hunter gourmet products.


The Mindful Chef

The Mindful Chef provides scrumptious, self care, healthy recipe boxes. No need to think about what is good for you because the Mindful Chef does all the work for you. They pride themselves on using fresh, nutritious and healthy ingredients to create delicious meals.

All you have to do is choose the meals you want. Choose them for yourself to save your time or if you’re responsible for an elderly/vulnerable relative you can have meals sent directly to them, again saving you time, effort and worry.


Beauty Subscription Boxes

Latest in Beauty Box


Create your profile, discover the world’s best line up of beauty treats, skincare, cosmetics, hair care, bath and body products and choose either 3, 6 or 9 favourite items to be included in your build-your-own monthly beauty subscription box.

Alternatively treat yourself to gorgeous one-off beauty collections.

Free delivery.


Serenata Flowers

Who doesn’t love a beautiful bunch of flowers? Self care doesn’t just mean looking after your health, it also means a little gift to oneself occasionally. What could be nicer than receiving a bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers each month to lift your spirits and brighten your day. Sens flowers to yourself or your loved ones so show them that you are always thinking about them.

It is a proven fact that Nature, plants and gardening is good for your physical and mental well being so go green fingered and check out this article on The Best Gardening monthly subscription boxes

I truly hope that these boxes have proved to be useful to you, reminding you to indulge and pamper yourself without feeling guilty about it, yes these gifts boxes are luxurious but they are also essential. Please share with your friends and family and on social media, let’s spread health and well being.

Any questions or thoughts can be left in the comments box below, I always reply as soon as I can.

Stay Well


The Best Stay at Home Self Care Subscription Boxes
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The Best Stay at Home Self Care Subscription Boxes
Are you taking care of You? Irrespective of whether you care for family or vulnerable people in your life, the key person to care for is Yourself. Make time for You with these best stay at home self care subscription boxes.
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8 thoughts on “The Best Stay at Home Self Care Subscription Boxes”

  1. Wow, this is a very good idea I must say. I like the idea of subscribing to a self care box every month. I have never really tried it before because I didn’t know they even existed. Since I’m a fan of chocolate and books, well I guess that is exactly what I am going for now. And to top that off, there’s a drink in the box too. Like choosing a genre, is it a possibility that we choose the kind of drink we want for each delivery?

    1. Hello again Riley,

      Thank you for reading these articles, Self Care boxes are a fantastic idea for everyone to benefit from, sometimes we all need to encourage ourselves to take time out, monthly subscription boxes provide a timely reminder for us to do so.

      With the chocolate and book box you get cocoa drinks included with your book and chocolates, you could try  Coffee and book too, this box gives you the choice of coffee or tea along with you book.

      Best Wishes 


  2. Wow! This is really good to see here and thanks for providing so many options to choose from here. Also, the therapy options too are quite  good. Personally, I love self care as it helps me to account for my health by myself without having to rely on anything or anyone else. This is great. I like the Tasu wellness under aromatherapy. It seems quite good enough for me

    1. Hello Ella, 

      Thank You so much for your comments. I agree that we each should bear some responsibility for our own health and wellbeing, it is important to know our limitations and to recognise when we need to gives ourselves some care and attention.

      My aim was to give various different options as people, heal and recoup their energies in different ways.

      Thank you, stay well.


  3. Truly said, nobody can really take good care of yourself but you and you alone, for that fact you got to do all you can to make yourself feel your best so people can appreciate you and that is all they can do for you

    In this article are perfect Stay at Home Self Care Subscription Boxes of various body care and self care products you need to look your best and considering the lockdown you don’t even need to go out searching because provided are links to help you order them, so make your choice and glitter.

    1. Hello Evans, Thank you for your comments,

      I agree it is up to us foremost to take care of ourselves, these great self care subscription boxes help you to do that. I love the ‘make your choice and glitter’ comment.


  4. Hi!  Thanks so much for the suggestions.  Subscription boxes are all the rage right now, so it’s kind of hard to sort through them to find one that suits me.  I am very intrigued by the Chocolate and Books subscription box.  I’m an avid reader, so I’ll definitely have to go and check it out. And who doesn’t like chocolate?  Excellent combination for a subscription box gift for yourself. Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. Hi Selenity,

      I agree that there are a lot to choose from and finding the right ones can be difficult. I like the chocolate and books too, its great not to have to go out for them, the best thing about gift boxes is that they are delivered to you, you don’t have to think about it. Having some down time is important, especially right now in the current situation, so  book and chocolates would be awesome.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.


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