The Ultimate Guide to New Year Resolution Craft Ideas For Kids

Clay craft activities for children


The Ultimate Guide to New Year Resolution Craft Ideas For Kids


Are you looking for ways to keep your kids engaged with New Year Resolution Craft Ideas?

In order to help you and your kids decide which new, fun crafts they want to try, I have written the Ultimate Guide to New Year Resolution Craft Ideas For Kids.

The best monthly subscription craft boxes will keep your children absorbed for hours with new hobbies that are both entertaining and educational.

In making their New Year Resolutions lists you can rest assured that they will keep their resolutions going and continue to learn and have fun with their craft subscription boxes each month.

Are New Year Resolutions the best way to start a new craft or hobby? I think they are and here some fantastic ones to choose from for your children to enjoy.

I have included the best available craft subscription boxes in the following categories:

  • Art Subscription Boxes
  • DIY Craft Subscription Boxes
  • Make and Create Subscription Boxes

When you see something that you like click on the link to find out how to buy.

You can cancel your subscription at any time should you need to do so.

I earn a commission when you shop through the links in this article.


Art Subscription Boxes

Encouraging your child to explore art in all its forms helps them to find their creativity. Art has the potential to improve motor skills, concentration, memory and development. With so many avenues to discover, most kids will find some art activities that they truly enjoy and wish to pursue.


SmART Box For Kids

Smart box, art supplies for children
Smart Box For Kids
Art subscription boxes

Delivered each month SmART Box For Kids is a way of encouraging kids to read books and then teaches them to interpret their book into a piece of art.

Each box has a different art project that is based on the book.

Children can learn numerous styles of art and find which ones they enjoy most.

Suitable for age 3-12 years

Each box includes:


Art project



Paletteful Packs

Paletteful Pack Art supplies
Paletteful Packs
Art Subscription Boxes

Paletteful Packs is a monthly art subscription box that provides quality artist materials.

There are 3 different options to choose from in terms of the number of items you wish to receive. Boxes include sufficient supplies to create a piece of art.

Suitable for age 8+

Each box includes:

4 or 5+ items depending on which pack you choose

Various products such as Pens, Acrylics, Watercolours, Canvas or Sketchpads.



Kids Art LiteratureArt Subscription Boxes
Art Subscription Boxes

Kid Art Lit is another book/art combination. Hardback books with an art project. Each kit is developed by mums, with education and entertainment in mind.

There are several monthly subscription boxes to choose from with sufficient art materials for quick art projects or more in-depth art challenges. You can also select boxes for one or two children.

Each box includes:

Quality hardback, the latest release picture book

Generous supply of art materials


DIY Craft Subscription Boxes

Introduce your children to a wide variety of hands-on crafts. They can learn lots of new and interesting skills by engaging with different materials and productive ideas.

Choose a DIY craft kit for your kids and watch how they quickly develop confidence and know-how and have fun at the same time


DIY Kids Box

Drawing book with pop up pictures for children
DIY Kids Box
DIY Subscription Boxes

DIY Kids Box is a creative box with a different craft project delivered each month.

Kids box has delivered projects such as make your own mini aquarium, make a band instrument kit, fun book kit. It is always a surprise package that kids will be excited to receive

Each box includes:

Craft project

Craft materials

Instructions with pictures


Kids Create Box

Kids Create Box
Kids Create Box
DIY Subscription Boxes

Kids Create Box is a fun box full unique ideas to keep your

children occupied and enthused. The box delivers toys and

projects that kids can personalise using their newly

learnt skills and creative imagination.

All materials are provided for each art project.

Each box includes:

Toys and surprises

Material and supplies

Themed activity

Suitable for age 4-12 years


We Craft Box

Children’s colour pens and stickers
We Craft Box
DIY Subscription Boxes

We Craft Box contains unique themes and crafts. Everything your child needs to create something new arrives through your door each month. The materials are provided as a complete creative kit inside the box and are sufficient for 3 or more crafts for 2 children to enjoy.

Each box includes:

A unique craft project

Sufficient materials for 3 crafts for 2 children to share

Photo instructions

Suitable for age 3-9 years


Kids Craft Subscription Boxes

Children who are given the opportunity to learn a variety of crafts and hobbies become more knowledgeable on many subjects.

Having a number of interests helps them learn to communicate, to be sociable and confident young people. Their enthusiasm for their chosen subjects will rub off on siblings and friends and will allow them to have time for themselves enjoying creative, educational activities.


The Clay Box

Clay craft activities for children
The Clay Box
Kids Craft Subscription Boxes

Subscribe to The Clay Box to receive a box with a fun, clay, creative, project for you and your kids to make. Boxes contain everything you need to create a clay sculpture.

Get your children’s creative juices flowing and help them learn how to sculpt with clay. Kids love to have hands-on activities that keep them engaged. They will have lots of fun making each month’s project.

Each box includes:

Quick dry clay

Paints and paint brushes

Clay tools

Additional decorative materials

Step by step instructions

Suitable for age 6+


Salty Owl Studio

Selection of paints and craft supplies
Salty Owl Studio
Kids Craft Subscription Boxes

Enjoy Salty Owl Studio it is a great family/ children activity delivered each month.

Each monthly box contains an art project with materials for everyone, a new family game, a snack, recipe, & a monthly movie choice.

It is a fantastic subscription box for all the family to enjoy. The activities involve everyone and encourages socialising together, and spending fun time together.

Also, ideal for sleepovers, holidays and trips to visit the relatives.

Each box includes:

High quality art materials

Family games

Themed snacks


Monthly surprise item

Suitable for age 9+


Ceramics in a Box

Ceramics craft supplies
Ceramics in a Box
Kids Craft Subscription Boxes

Ceramics in a box inspires your child to learn how to create beautiful art works.

A subscription box for everyone who loves art. Plaster pieces are provided in each month’s delivery, ready to be painted with children’s unique designs. Kits are themed to holidays and celebrations. All you have to do is provide the space and time for the kids to be explore their own creativity.

Each box includes:

3 High quality plaster pieces

Paint, paintbrushes




Paper Crafting Supplies

For reams of fabulous paper crafting supplies and materials from paper, stamping, embellishments to journaling and magazines take a look at CraftStash. You will find everything you need for paper crafting right here.

Make sure that your children have plenty of paper crafting supplies to keep them occupied. You can order as much as you require at any time. Choose a wide variety to give them opportunity to develop more creative skills.

If your new year resolutions lists include giving your kids chance to explore their own artistic talents then what better start that to get all your supplies for them posted to you. Giving them activities to do frees up your time for your own hobbies and crafts too.

I hope that you are inspired by these monthly subscription craft boxes for your children to get their teeth into. Making New Year Resolution lists is a positive step forward in introducing new interests and hobbies. Craft boxes will ensure that they continue to be inspired.Please share with your friends and family and social media. Queries or comments can be added in the box below, l’m always thrilled to hear from you.

Happy Crafting


The Ultimate Guide to New Year Resolution Craft Ideas For Kids
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The Ultimate Guide to New Year Resolution Craft Ideas For Kids
Are you looking for ways to keep your kids engaged with New Year Resolution Craft Ideas? In order to help you and your kids decide which new fun crafts they want to try, I have written the Ultimate Guide to New Year Resolution Craft Ideas For Kids. The best monthly subscription craft boxes will keep your children absorbed for hours with new hobbies that are both entertaining and educational.
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6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to New Year Resolution Craft Ideas For Kids”

  1. Wow I must say that these are very nice ideas and I think they would really be of help to children, as they have been of help to me. As this year draws to a close we need to prepare our children expressly for what awaits in the new year to come and like I said these craft subscription boxes will really help out.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your comments.

      Children need lots of stimulation to keep them interested and motivated. Playing, arts and crafts all help them in many ways to become more confident, happy and productive.

      Best wishes 


  2. These are wonderful gift ideas for kids. My two kids show a great fondness for the visual arts and would really love these subscription boxes. I agree with you that by learning different crafts and hobbies, children become much more interested in the world around them, and gain knowledge of many subjects.

    1. Hello there,

      Thank you for your comments. It’s true, children learn to appreciate more things when they have opportunities to explore their artistic side. These subscription boxes go a long way to encourage and support their learning. My nephews and nieces kids love them.

      Best Wishes


  3. Hello Louise, it’s really nice to see you share with us the ultimate guide to new year resolution craft ideas for kids. Whenever I see a child, I see hope for a better tomorrow. It gives me great joy to make them happy. I am sure these crafts ideas will be loved by our children and especially as they are for the new year.

    It’s a fun way for our children to learn and develop academically and otherwise considering the books they can read from the box and the craft they can make.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Hi MrBiizy!

      Thank you for your comments on my post.

      It gives me joy too to help, enthuse and encourage children to learn and enjoy new things. The key is motivation, new ideas and projects are great for kids and for their parents.

      Best Wishes to you 


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